Ensuring that your child becomes their Best Version

  • SkEdu is data driven application build to help you understand the skills, abilities, and talents of your children.
  • SkEdu, uses our uniquely developed algorithms to measures the cognitive, social, emotional, academic, and creative skills of your children.

The SkEdu Approach

Monitor – Understand – Intervene – Improve
  • 1
    Spend only 5 mins Everyday

    Continuous and daily assessments in social, cognitive, and emotional skills.

  • 2
    Weekly and Monthly Reports

    Regular feedbacks generated by our psychology and child behavior-based AI engine.

  • 3
    Weekly Intervention Program

    Weekly Live session for understanding and improving social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

  • 4
    Step by Step Improvement Plan

    Monthly action plan for improvement of each skill with personalized mentor call.

Meet “Kidu” your Goofy Friend, Mentor, Advisor and Confident!

Skedu comes with a smart virtual digital avatar, called “Kidu”. Kidu is integrated with our AI data base and will guide your children on their journey toexplore and understand themselves better.Kidu listens to them, helps them and will always be there for them.

“Seeing is believing and believing is knowing…”

-Philip Roth

SkEdu has empowered over 10,000 students and parents to monitor, understand and improve their skills and abilities through our continuous assessments, unique intervention programs, weekly and monthly reports. SkEdu understands that each child is unique. Hence our weekly and monthly action plan is personalized and made for each individual student.

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