Why is it important to identify your child’s skill sets? |

Each child is born with uniqueness and it’s the duty of a nation to be an aid in discovering their hidden talents. Instilling a child’s mind with knowledge from textbooks is essential, but so is giving them a deep grasp of who they are. An education system is triumphant when a child could get the epiphany of what they are really capable of apart from academics. Are you aware of the technological applications that blends with a student’s holistic profile? Our CEO & Founder, Pinky Jayaprakash, a teacher and entrepreneur who works behind the scenes to improve such cutting-edge curricula for a better future. She lifts the lid on technological advancements that can be used to pique children’s curiosity. Having taught at the Government Engineering College in Thrissur for four years, Pinky Jayaprakash has covered all the bases of understanding the issues faced by the student community as a student, parent and teacher herself. Pinky Jayaprakash and her husband started SkEdu to ensure that every student gets a positive learning experience. She has received many honors and awards, including Kerala Woman Leader 2021 and Woman Faces Award 2022.

Here is the link to hear her journey in building SKEDU.


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