At SkEdu, we understand that each child is unique. So we started by thinking “How can we make a solution to embrace this uniqueness of each child, and maximize his or her potential?”

Why is SkEdu Unique?

Every child has many aspects in them, which makes them who they are and what they arecapable of. To open their full potential, it is vital to monitor, guide and improve these vital aspects.
SkEdu utilizes scientifically validated methods and data driven AI engines made byPsychologists, Cognitive neuroscientists, Child behavior experts, Subject matter experts and Data analysts to accurately monitor, guide and improve the 3 core aspects of your children.

  • 1
    Cognitive- creative and Academic Skills

    Measuring the multiple skills under cognition using our unique cognitive assessments, games, blogs, quizzes, and activities.

  • 2
    Social Skills

    Monitoring and analyzing how your children behave and contribute in a social setting using our dynamic assessments, and group discussion feature.

  • 3
    Emotional Skills

    Continuously assessing and building the emotional strength and ability to modulate and control emotions of your children.

Why should I take SkEdu?

SkEdu aims to break the shackles of creativity and career choices our children have, by enabling them to understand and improve themselves in every aspect, and by empowering the parents.

Our Promise- Partnership in Parentship

Continuous and Comprehensive assessments

Uniquely designed quizzes and content

Smart and Adaptive content

Daily activities- 365 days

Personal Mentor calls Monthly

Weekly live Intervention sessions with our Experts

Book 1-on1 session with our expert counselors

Creativity Enhancing Camps and Workshops

In-depth Analysis and Weekly-Monthly reports

Step by Step Action Plan with Physical activities

Curated and AI integrated Group Discussion forums

Curated Blogging area for creative expression

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